Bullfinch – (Pyrrhula pyrrhula)

Bird Facts:  Length: 14.5—17 cm. The subspecies of northern Europe is larger. The female has pinkish-grey underparts. Voice: A soft, piping sound resembling ‘wheeb’. Song: Composed of piping tones, including ‘teek-teek-tioo’. Size of Egg: 17.0—22.2 x 13.0—15.4 mm. During the winter months, especially when there is a great deal of snow, one might come across a great number of brightly coloured birds in rowan woods, at the edges of forests, as well as in parks and gardens. They are bullfinches, which fly to central and southern Europe in vast numbers from their homes in the north. Elsewhere, the bullfinch is … Continue reading Bullfinch – (Pyrrhula pyrrhula)