Eurasian siskin – (Carduelis spinus)

Bird Facts: I.ength: 12 cm. The female is greyish with grey head. Voice: Sound resembling ‘tsy-zi’, in flight often ‘tsooeet’. Song: Pleasant soft chirps and twitters. Size of Egg: 14.7—18.5 x 11.1—13.6 mm. The Eurasian siskin, one of the smallest members of the finch family, makes its home in coniferous, mainly spruce woods, in both lowland country and mountains. It is found in central Europe, Scandinavia, Italy, southern France, Ireland and northern England, its range extending eastwards as far as western Siberia. The siskin is particularly fond of places alongside brooks, in which it loves to bathe. In winter it … Continue reading Eurasian siskin – (Carduelis spinus)