Redwing – (Turdus Iliacus)

Bird Facts: Length: 21 cm. The male and female have like plumage. Voice: ‘Tchack tchack’, when alarmed also ‘terr terr’, at night and in flight a clear ‘see-ip’. Song: 4 flute-like tones interspersed with chattering and rasping sounds. Size of Egg: 22.0—29.1 x 17.2—20.7 mm. The redwing is a typical thrush of northern Europe and Asia. In rare instances it also nests in central Europe in colder mountain areas near mountain streams. During its migration in the winter months it occurs in abundance in central Europe on its way to its winter quarters in western and southern Europe, or as … Continue reading Redwing – (Turdus Iliacus)