ABELIA – Flower information and gardening techniques

Pronunciation: (a-beel-ee-a) Family: Caprifoliaceae,¬†Weigela, Kolkwitzia and the Viburnums Panicles of fragrant bell-flowers cluster in summer at the tips of graceful, arching canes in Abelia. This useful shrub genus from Mexico and China grows fast to a height of 1-2m/3-6ft. Lightly toothed, glossy foliage, a fountain-like habit and persistent red calyces are among other decorative features. All species may be planted out in autumn or early spring in any leaf-rich soil; they prefer full sun. In really cold areas, they’ll need the shelter of a wall or larger bushes to protect them from prevailing winds. Popular species include: Mexican Abelia floribunda … Continue reading ABELIA – Flower information and gardening techniques