Pronunciation: (a-kae-sha)
Family: Wattle, Mimosa, MIMOSACEAE

So typically Australian that one of them (the Golden Wattle) is the nation’s floral symbol, Acacias are by no means exclusive to that continent: Africa has many species, Asia and America quite a few There are more than a thousand species worldwide. Australia’s Acacias are, however, notably the most decorative, bursting into fragrant masses of golden blossom at different times of the year according to species, but principally in winter and spring.

Acacia flowers are very untypical members of the pea family, Mimosaceae. They have no petals, only stamens, but they do develop into the same long pods as other peas, with the seeds attached alternately to either shell.

Acacia blossom is generally sold as ‘Mimosa’ in Europe and America, but the true Mimosa is different, though related plant, illustrated elsewhere in this book. Few Acacia species grow into large trees or live very long, but they grow fast and are often used to provide quick colour in the new garden or give protection from the sun along fields and roads, All prefer full sun and grow satisfactorily in poor soil. Illustrated A. boornzanii is a shrub, others grow to tree size.

Acacia boormanii snowy river wattle

Acacia boormanii snowy river wattle

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