Pronunciation: (ak-tin-oh-dee-am)
Family: Swamp Daisy, Albany Daisy, MYRTACEAE

Papery pink and white daisy-flowers nod on thin stems of Actinodium, the Swamp Daisy, a useful 1m/3ft shrub for acid coastal soils. Raise from cuttings, which strike easily in a damp mixture of peat and sand, then grow where they’ll receive full sun all year but get wet feet during the cool winter-spring flowering period.

An erect, brittle plant with heathlike foliage, Actinodium cunninghamii is altogether sparsely furnished when not in bloom. Though its spring flowers look like daisies (Asteraceae), they actually belong to the same family as eucalypts (Myrtaceae).

The flower stems can be dried for arrangements, but the pale blooms are sometimes coloured by standing stems in a dye/ water mixture. Short-lived, Actinodium may be pruned after flowering.

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