Pronunciation: (ad-en-an-dra)
Family: (syn DIOSMA) Enamel Flower, China Flower, RUTACEAE

Included in the same family as Citrus and the Australian Boronias, this handsome handful of South African shrubs includes several popular evergreen species. Their foliage is minute, and very similar to that of the related Diosma.

The flowers of illustrated Adenandra uniflora are about 2.5cm/1in across, borne singly at stem terminals. They are notably white and glossy, often bearing a deep pink streak in the centre of each petal; each anther is tipped with a tiny, curiously sticky gland.

New stems are lightly haired; dark leaves are paler on the reverse. Foliage is
aromatic, the flowers mildly fragrant. All species are hardy down to -5C/23F and do best in well-drained, gravelly soil. The plants do not grow large, and light watering is adequate. Propagate from cuttings in autumn.

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