Pronunciation: (ae-oh-nee-am)
Family: (syn SEMPERVIVUM), Canary Island Rose, Pinwheel, CRASSULACEAE

Over 30 species of succulent shrubs from North Africa and various Atlantic islands, the Aeoniums are excellent material for terraces, courtyards and dry, sunny positions. A poor quality, porous soil mixture grows them to perfection if you add plenty of sand and limestone chips.

Propagation is easy from cuttings set into the damp sand at the beginning of the growing season. The new plants will soon form a formal rosette of leaves (often on a long stalk) and produce tall spikes of starry yellow flowers in branched clusters.

By no means, frost hardy (they are mostly coastal plants) Aeoniums need a minimum winter temperature of 100C/500F and can take plenty of water in hot summers. Aeonium canariense is known as the Canary Island Rose or Velvet Rose, while illustrated A. arboreum is sometimes called the Pinwheel plant.

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