Pronunciation: (a-gah-vee)
Family: Century Plant, AGAVACEAE

The gigantic leaf-rosettes of these splendid succulents rank them among the most popular accent plants for modern gardens. They grow in poor soil, forming 2m/6ft clumps, and need plenty of water to look in top condition. Agave attenuata produces arching spikes of yellow flowers up to 4.5m/14ft long.

The closely related Century Plant (Agave americana) may take a good 10 years before it decides to send up a 6m/ 20ft spike of greenish flowers. Then it will give up the ghost after leaving the legacy of a few suckers.

Agave attenuata flower information how to grow

While you cope with the suspense of waiting for the big flowering event, you will enjoy the dramatic appearance of its viciously spined leaves blue-green or yellow-striped in the variety Agave americana ‘Marginata’. A little animal manure around an Agave works wonders.

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