Debunking Myths Surrounding the Online Book Buying Experience


The world is becoming more and more digital with each passing day. The fact that the two most
successful companies in terms of wealth in the world are tech companies, (namely Apple. Inc. and is a testimony to this very fact. Yet, for developing countries such as Pakistan, the shift to
the online world has been slow and arduous. The root cause for this slow progression is difficult to
pinpoint, however, despite all the hindrance and obstacles, Pakistan is finally coming to terms with the
technological trend of the 21 st century. The easiest way to observe this development is the activity in the
online domain by users all over Pakistan to purchase books through online bookstores Online Book Buying Experience. Granted, a vast
majority of the proportion of online shoppers is the younger generation and millennials, yet the change
in the trend is undeniable.

Online Book Buying Experience

However, despite a burst in online activity, a large chunk of the population remains skeptical when it
comes to buying their books online. This mostly includes people above the age of 50, who are yet to
come to terms with the advent of e-commerce but even so, it is preventing the country from moving
past the shopping habits and routines of conventional shops and methods.

A prevailing reason for the hesitancy of people to shift to online bookstores in Pakistan is the existence
of numerous myths that surround the online book buying experience. After all, at the end of the day,
people just want to buy good books at low prices and have a good time doing so. If they believe that
buying books online will prevent them from accomplishing this, they will not turn to online bookstores
and that is what is happening in Pakistan.

So let us take a look at some of the most common myths that surround the online book buying
experience in Pakistan and try to debunk them.

Why Do People Fear Buying Books Online?

1. You Are Not Safe While Buying Books Online:

By far the most common concern for people considering turning to online bookstores is that their
identities are not safe while shopping online. Though a genuine concern to a certain extent, this myth
remains dominant due to word of mouth. The experiences of people who suffered online information
theft may be outdated since the cybersecurity condition in Pakistan has improved to a great degree. As
such, almost all online retailers, whether books or otherwise, are vetted thoroughly before they are
allowed to set up their business online.

Even after the business is set up, there is continued surveillance and the imposition of regulations to
ensure the safety of online consumers. As such, the number of people who suffer online identity theft,
especially in online book retailing sites has decreased to a great extent. What consumers could do
themselves is to be aware of certain steps that could help them keep their information safe, such as not
inputting any personal or private information on sites that are not trustworthy.

2. If You Order A Book Online, It Doesn’t Deliver On Time:

This is something that many people have experienced in the preliminary phase of online bookstores in
Pakistan. Though a fact in the past, it is a myth nowadays since almost all online book retailers
guarantee on-time delivery. With the improvement in supply chain and distribution in the modern day,
consumers do not tolerate complacency in the delivery of products to their doorstep. As such, all of the
online bookstores operating in Pakistan today offer fast and timely delivery. This is mostly because the
competition is so intense that if they do not offer such services; their survival will be in question.

3. Books Purchased Online Are More Expensive:

Once again, this might have been true in the starting days of online bookstores in Pakistan yet now this
is a myth. Anyone who buys books online regularly will know that there are various and numerous
discounts being offered all the time. This is one of the reasons why people now prefer purchasing online
books in Pakistan since it saves them more cost than does actually going to conventional brick and
mortar and buying the book.

Not only do you get your desired book delivered to your doorstep, but you also do not have to worry
about spending money getting to a bookstore and finding out they do not keep the book you are looking
for. So buying online books in Pakistan is now cheaper than ever before and this myth exists solely
because people who experienced the misfortune of ordering an expensive book online once did not go
back to try it again.

These were just some of the myths that surround the online book buying experience. They do not hold
true anymore and you would, in fact, have a great time buying books online.


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