How to Donate a car in California?


Donating extra thing for charity is a good way to help, and vehicle (car donate) is a costly donation. In California donating a car to charity is a good decision from all. Your donation will help others and cause for happiness. The other advantage of car donation is that, you’ll be free from your old car or junk moved away and you feel free from auto tax. In California, the owner can also claim a tax deduction for a car donation. This is also a way to recycle a vehicle. In California there are three main cities:


Form those anywhere you are in California can easily donate your car.

How to donate a car in California?

On this Article, you may know some tip about car donation in California U.S.A, and some authentic requirements which you should know and be aware of that relate in California for car donation. Below are some simple steps you should keep in mind while looking for your answer about How to donate a car in California.

  1. To donate a car in California, you have to fill and submit an online car donation form or you have to go once in a vehicle charity office. If you want to claim a car donate as an auto tax deduction and you make sure the charity is a recognized the non-profit organization.
  2. The process of auto donation receipt are two (1) is email and the (2) posts, and then you will have the auto donation receipt. This receipt is just a starting of auto donation, by this receipt you can claim your car anywhere as a donate car and can be secure with tax deduction up to 500$. You should also check your charity donation policies what kind of they all are.
  3. In U.S.A (The state California) the car number plates remain always the same after donation. So you should not to remove this prior to the pickup.
  4. Right after the important step which you should not miss is that, filling a release latter of liberty with the California Department of a motor vehicle (for donating a car). In this document, you have to show a reason for which you are donating your car, and then you must return the pink portion of the title to your local department of vehicles. In California, you may feel the filling of releasing letter is going long so you may do this process online on:
  5. To donate a car in California, if your car sells for more than 500$ whether it is qualifying for a good market value tax deduction. Then you’ll have an additional tax paperwork after the sale of your car takes place. You will be allowed to deduct the payment on your taxes which all are depending on many factors which may include the price rate of your car is sold for or may the car is classified as affair market value vehicle donation.

At the last, I want to share an important point which you must remember if you want to donate a car in California. If you are planning to claim your (car donation tax deduction) on the year 2018 taxes, then you have to make sure to donate your car well before the last night of December 31 (2018) and at least have the pickup the car well in the drive. Or in other order you to claim your tax deduction 2018. A suggestion for you that don’t wait further if you delay that could result before you, being unable to claim the donation of your car as a tax deduction for the current next tax year.

Who will benefit from my car donation in California?

If you are really willing to donate your car for a charity on tax deduction then this is not necessary that your car may go on the road, but yes it will go on a long way in the helping of cancer patients disease especially breasts cancer. The main purpose of the (C.A) is to improve the number of lives breasts cancer patients who are fighting a battle against this deadly disease.

What terms & conditions are required for my car to donate?

The auto charity in California (C.A) will accept most of the running cars on the roads means they are in the condition of drive or not includes fire damaged and stripped cars. The 2nd condition is that your car must have the right paper works. Your car should not be stolen.

The auto funds charity may like the title/pink slip to the car but in the other condition if you don’t have this slip then it’s okay they accept your car as a donation.

How much time is required to pick my car up for charity?

Once you filled and submitted auto donate charity form then their experienced operator will deals you directly and he/she arrange to have your car which towed away at your convenience by your driving license bound and insured towing company. Just call them on their toll-free number which you may have on their form or receipt and within seven days the charity will response you to pick up your car for donation. When your car is towing up by a certified company you’ll be given a receipt which will releases you from future liability of your donated car.

Tax deductible car donation in California

If your car or any vehicle goes to benefit a charitable organization company with (IRS) as 501(c) (3) non-profit. Although individual taxes may vary of yours. So please check your tax file carefully to determine that, what kind of tax can benefits you? and which you may receive from tax deductible donation.

Where does you can donate a car in California?

The car donation charities are arranged for pickup of all types’ automobiles and vehicles through the whole state of California. The main areas in California where these charities are servicing are given below:

  • Anaheim(LOS ANGELES), Del mar (SAN DIEGO), Oakland (San Francisco)
  • Costa mesa(LOS ANGELES), La Jolla(SAN DIEGO), Daly city(san Francisco)
  • San clement(LOS ANGELES), Encinitas(SAN DIEGO), San Jose(SAN FRANCISCO)
  • Laguna beach(LOS ANGELES), ocean-side(SAN DIEGO), Bay area(SAN FRANCISCO)
  • Huntington beach(LOS ANGELES), Temecula(SAN DIEGO), San leandro(SAN FRANCISCO)
  • Long beach Santa Aana(LOS ANGELES), riverside(SAN DIEGO), Alamenda(SAN FRANCISCO)
  • Palos verdes(LOS ANGELES), san Bernardino(SAN DIEGO), Stockton(SAN FRANCISCO)
  • Glendale(LOS ANGELES), orange county(SAN DIEGO), Bakers feild(SAN FRANCISCO)
  • Santa Barbara(LOS ANGELES), Fresno(SAN FRANCISCO)
  • Thousand oaks(LOS ANGELES), Modesto(SAN FRANCISCO), Monterey(LOS ANGELES), Vallejo San Bruno(SAN FRANCISCO)
  • Ventura(LOS ANGELES), Sunnyvale(SAN FRANCISCO), Burlingame Sausalito (LOS ANGELES)
  • Santa Monica(LOS ANGELES), Los Gatos(LOS ANGELES)
  • Beverly hills(LOS ANGELES)

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