Ageratum flower information how to grow
Agave americana flower information how to grow
Agaptes serpens flower information how to grow
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Aethionema flower information how to grow
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Aeonium Arboreum flower information how to grow


Pronunciation: (ae-oh-nee-am) Family: (syn SEMPERVIVUM), Canary Island Rose, Pinwheel, CRASSULACEAEOver 30 species of succulent shrubs from North Africa and various Atlantic islands, the Aeoniums are excellent material for terraces, courtyards and dry,...
Aechmea fasciata flower information how to grow


Pronunciation: (ak-mee-a) Family: Vase Plant, Urn Plant, BROMELIACEAEFancy-dress members of the pineapple family (or Bromeliads) from tropical America, Aechmeas are air- feeders, collecting nourishment from water and decaying matter in the upturned...
ADONIS aestivalis flower information how to grow


Pronunciation: (o-doh-nis) Family: Pheasant's Eye, Red Morocco, RANUNCULACEAEA favourite European and American annual not often seen in southern hemisphere gardens, the Pheasant's Eye (Adonis aestivalis) is closely related to Ranunculus, with feathery,...
ADENOPHORA lillifolia flower information how to grow


Pronunciation: (ad-en-off-or-a) Family: Ladybells, Grand Bellflower, CAMPANULACEAENo surprise to find these striking perennials included in the Campanula family — they look alike and are closely related, the difference being the presence of...
adenium obesum flower information how to grow


Pronunciation: (ae-den-ee-om) Family: Desert Rose, Desert Azalea, Impala Lily, Sabie Star, APOCYNACEAENamed for the former British colony of Aden, part of its natural territory, the gorgeously flowering Desert Rose (Adenium obesum) resembles...
ADENANDRA flower information how to grow


Pronunciation: (ad-en-an-dra) Family: (syn DIOSMA) Enamel Flower, China Flower, RUTACEAEIncluded in the same family as Citrus and the Australian Boronias, this handsome handful of South African shrubs includes several popular evergreen species....
ACTINOTUS flower information how to grow


Pronunciation: (ak-tin-oh-tas) Family: Flannel Flower, APIACEAEThe pale, furry Flannel Flower, Actinotus helianthi, has become a popular perennial in gardens of Australian native plants and is grown in other warm, dryish places such as...
Actinodium Flower information how to grow


Pronunciation: (ak-tin-oh-dee-am) Family: Swamp Daisy, Albany Daisy, MYRTACEAEPapery pink and white daisy-flowers nod on thin stems of Actinodium, the Swamp Daisy, a useful 1m/3ft shrub for acid coastal soils. Raise from cuttings,...
Acroclinium roseum flower information how to grow


Pronunciation: (ak-roh-klin-ee-am) Family: Paper Daisy, Rose Sunray, Everlasting, ASTERACEAENative to West Australia, the showy Acroclinium roseum (sometimes listed as Helipterum roseum) is grown worldwide for its ease of cultivation and for its many...
Aconitum napellus monkshood wolfbane flower information how to grow


Pronunciation: (ak-o-nai-tam) Family: Monkshood, Wolfbane, Aconite, RANUNCULACEAESteeped in medieval mysticism, as their popular names suggest, there really is something sinister about these European perennials — they are poisonous in every part, were...