Jazz Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly & Monthly Offers

Customers who are searching for Jazz internet packages just landed at the right page here. Jazz is the biggest cellular operator with more than 30 million users across the country. Here, we are going to discuss all the latest 3G and 4G jazz internet package on daily, weekly and monthly basis subscriptions in details for its prepaid and postpaid customer. Let me take you to the list.

Before going to list of warid internet packages, We have some details about other Jazz products.

Jazz Internet packages

Mobilink Pakistan is working to give best services to its customers. Ookla has awarded “Fastest Internet Provider ” to Jazz Pakistan. Jazz Internet packages have a number of varieties.

Jazz weekly Internet packages

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Jazz and Warid Telecom have joined each other to provided accelerated services to its users. Jazz Daily Internet Packages can also availed by Warid Customers with same codes and price.

Name of PackageFree IncentivePriceActivation Code
Jazz Daily Social Bundle 500 MB (Facebook & Whatsapp) Rs.7 + tax *114*5#
Jazz Daily Super Bundle 150 MB Data + 300 Jazz Minutes Rs. 17 + tax *212#
Jazz Daily Whatsapp Offer 200 MB Rs. 2 + tax *311#
Jazz Daily Peak-Off-Peak 100 MB DATA (24 Hours) 1.1 GB in Off Peak (2 AM – 2 PM) Rs. 24+ tax *6464#
Jazz Social Recursive 200 MB Rs. 5.98/- *455#

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

There are variety of bundles in Mobilink Jazz Weekly Internet Packages. These packages are made in accordance to usage of customers. You can avail these packages by using below given code against each package.

Name of PackageFree IncentivePriceActivation Code
Jazz Weekly Social Bundle 5 GB (Facebook & Whatsapp, IMO) Rs.68 + tax *660#
Jazz Weekly Youtube Offer 5 GB Youtube Rs. 80+ tax *570#
Jazz Weekly Premium 3 GB Rs. 147 + tax *117*47#
Jazz Weekly Mega 7 GB Rs. 200+ tax *159*2#
Jazz Weekly Mega Plus 20 GB (10 GB from 2 AM – 2 PM) Rs. 250/- *453#
Jazz Weekly Streamer 1 GB Rs. 95/- *117*7*2#

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Let’s start with this wonderful Warid internet package offered by Jazz for a monthly subscription. Customers who are just looking for Jazz Monthly internet packages at low cost can subscribe to Jazz monthly data bundle. Jazz is famous among mobile users for their will to fulfill customers cellular needs. That’s why we are discussing here one of the best Jazz internet Packages on monthly basis.

Name of PackageFree IncentivePriceActivation Code
Jazz Monthly Browser Package 4 GB (2 GB 2 AM – 2 PM) Rs.215 + tax *117*77#
Jazz Monthly Mega Offer 8 GB (4GB 2 AM – 2 PM) Rs. 375+ tax *117*31#
Monthly Mega Plus Jazz 12 GB (6 GB 2 AM – 2 PM) Rs. 600 + tax *117*30#
Jazz Monthly Extreme Package 5000 MB (2 AM to 2 PM) Rs. 120+ tax *117*32#
Jazz Monthly Supreme Package 20 GB (10 GB from 2 AM – 2 PM) Rs. 885 + tax /- *117*34#


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