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Mobilink is one of the top cellular companies in Pakistan. It is the first company which introduces Cellular services in Pakistan. Mobilink is at the top acquiring high market shares of cellular users.  Mobilink Jazz and Warid now have same packages and some addons features. Jazz SMS packages can be activated on Jazz sim.

Jazz offers the best way to connect with the community with its fastest internet speed and low price call/SMS rates. This is the only cellular company which provides very low price services to its customers. Here are details of very low price Warid SMS packages.

Jazz SMS Packages

There are 3 Basic SMS packages which Mobilink Jazz is offering to its customers. Jazz Daily SMS Packages, Jazz Weekly SMS packages and Jazz Monthly SMS packages. You can activate, Warid Monthly sms packages by using the same code. Here is detail of Jazz SMS packages:-

Let’s start the exploration of Daily SMS packages.

Jazz / Warid SMS Packages

We are starting our article from the very first Jazz Daily SMS Packages. There are variety of Warid daily sms packages. You can activate your favorite package by using these codes on both Jazz and Warid sims. So here are our latest Jazz daily sms packages.

Jazz Daily SMS Packages

Jazz is providing various sms packages for daily use. You can activate your favorite bundle from the list. Here is the detail:-

Package NamePriceFree SMSFree IncentivesCodes
Jazz Daily Whatsapp and SMS Package Rs.7.2(incl tax) 1800 10 MB Data for Whatsapp *334# activation *334*4# deactivate
Jazz Day Bundle Rs 13 (incl tax) 300 300 on-net minutes and 20MB Internet *340#

Jazz Weekly SMS Packages

Jazz is offering various packages for 7 days use. Here is full detail of Jazz weekly sms packages :-

Package NamePriceFree SMSFree IncentivesCodes
Jazz Weekly Whatsapp and SMS Package Rs. 20(incl tax) 1500 25 MB Data for Whatsapp *101*1*07# activation *101*4*07# deactivate
Jazz Haftawar Offer Rs 85 + Tax 1000 1000 on-net minutes and 100 MB Internet *407# activation
Jazz Weekly All Network Package Rs 113 + tax 1000 1000 On-net minutes, 50 Off-net minutes, 250MB *747#
Haftawar All Rounder Package Rs 113 + tax 1000 1000 on-net minutes, 50 off-net minutes, 1 GB *747#

Jazz Monthly SMS Packages

Jazz is offering distintive sms packages for whole month. These packages have various offers and can be checked from below:-

Package NamePriceFree SMSFree IncentivesCodes
Jazz Monthly Whatsapp and SMS Bundle Rs.70 (incl tax) 12000 5 GB Data for Whatsapp *101*1*02# activation *101*4*02# deactivate

Jazz Daily SMS + Whatsapp Bundle

This Jazz SMS Package is for the customers who are looking for some daily basis SMS packages. Jazz daily sms and whatsapp bundle gives you 1800 text messages daily with 10 MBs Whatsapp data for whole day. The price for this package is PKR 7 only. The thorough details of Jazz Warid daily SMS package are tabulated below:-

PriceRs. 7.2 
Other Network200 Minutes
Whatsapp Data10 MBs
Validity1 Day
Subscription String*334#
Un-Subscription String*334*4#
Status String*334*3#

Jazz Weekly SMS Bundle (Once)

This Jazz weekly sms bundle can be activated once. You have to subscribe for this package on expiration. Thi is one of the best Jazz SMS packages with 1500 Free SMS  and 25 MBs Whatsapp data available for all networks.

ChargesRs. 15 +tax
Whatsapp Data25 MBs
Subscription code*101*1*07#
Un-Subscription code*101*4*07#
Status Check*101*2*07#
Valid for7 Days

Jazz Weekly SMS Recursive Bundle

This package gives you jazz weekly recursive sms bundle for Rs. 17+tax. You do not require to activate this package after activating first time. Detail of Jazz / warid sms packages is shared below:-

ChargesRs. 17.9 +tax
Whatsapp Data25 MBs
Subscription code*507#
Un-Subscription code*507*4#
Status Check*507*2#
Valid for7 Days

Jazz / Warid Monthly SMS Package

Jazz also offered some great SMS Packages at monthly Basis at a very low price. With Jazz Monthly sms bundle you can enjoy 12000 sms for whole month for only 70 rupees and 5 GB Whatsapp data. This package is valid for 30 days. Warid / Jazz monthly sms packages are shared as below:-

ChargesRs. 70
Free Message12000
Whatsapp Data5000 MBs
Validity30 Days
Sub. code*101*1*02#
Un-Sub code*101*4*02#
Check Remaining SMS*101*2*02#
Info. Check code*101*3*02#

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If you have any query regarding any package than you can comment below. Our team will respond soon with the solution. We have some other great offers for you as well. Keep visiting us for latest offers.


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