Latest Fashion Trends 2017 – Do You Know


Fashion keeps inviting and exploring new lands and base when every time a new design develops. But the truth is that the concepts and process involved remains the same only design derivation is always fresh, crisp and edgy. Fashion will never fade its face in any era since fashion always looks forward. So, what’s the new blue? Here is an article dedicated entirely to the latest fashion trends out there.

Latest Fashion Trends 2017

Asymmetrical Designs:

News fashion trends 2017

The new designs have a lot of asymmetry in them, right from a handkerchief to hems or off-kilter tops. Asymmetry is a spring 2018 fashion. Although the ramps are lately full of asymmetrical designs from various designers yet the concept is no new to the fashion world and can be traced back to the time the Grecian mythologies represent. Basically, being two-faced is a fashion statement now and before. Lol. It represents the human desire to break free from the traditional lines that creep into our lives. Asymmetry is experimental, bold, classy and timeless.

Denim’s are back:

New Fashion Trends 2017

Yeah, they are back. Denim looks are going nowhere since their introduction. There’s a reason why denim never seems to go out of fashion because it’s among the most practical and versatile fabrics, beloved in its time by soldiers, railway workers and, of course, since the mid-1950s the fashion craze followers.
Dark colored head to toe denim, overalls, rebellious tailored jeans with plain shirts are in fashion these days. My advice is stock up your wardrobe with denim as it’s never going out of style. Denim always introduces latest fashion trends.

Seaside Stripes

Latest Fashion Trends 2017

Inspired by beach huts, umbrellas, and weathered lounge chairs, this one is one of the season’s biggest stripe fashion fitting right into summer 2018. Horizontal, vertical and of all shapes and sizes, the spring or summer collections were zinging with coastal verve and Red Valentino. Here are the latest fashion trends for seaside stripes.


Latest Fashion Trends 2017

This line of clothing, designed for workouts and other athletic activities is today a trending fashion slowly making its entrance into workplace settings and for social occasions. So basically, your gym clothes are making it fashionable outside of the gym. You can blame it on that designer athleisure or the annual glut of New Year’s resolutions to hit the gym more often for this latest fashion trends.

The Subtle metal details

Latest Fashion Trends 2017

These are the latest fashion trends. Metal rings fall into the group of fashion which comes as a slow burn, manifesting in different ways and sticks for multiple seasons. From bags are slippers to sweaters and zippers they fit seamlessly into different trends and give a very minimalist, modern feel.


Latest Fashion Trends 2017

There is something about a crisp khaki pair of slacks or knee-length dress that feels fresh and out of the ordinary for this time of year in spring fashion. Get a jump on the look and incorporate some khaki pieces in any form you choose, from blazers to skirts, or a hybrid of a trench coat and a cape the option are seemingly endless. Khaki is a big brand name in latest fashion trends.

Banker Stripes

Latest Fashion Trends 2017

Stripes from pin to nautical are a mainstream fashion, yet the banker stripe is suddenly the linear look of Spring 2017.Inspired by wall street, but tailored and fashioned by the seventh avenue this trend is a must-have for IT girl look. This style is interpreted on everything from wide-leg trousers to poplin shirts to accessories. Now you can update office attire while maintaining the fashion-forward appeal. This style is always the part of latest fashion trends.

The 70’s look

Latest Fashion Trends 2017

The 1970s is one of the most revisited decades when it comes to fashion, and they continue to influence modern style. You can go for a 70s hippie, disco, celebrity look. In the coming months, the 70s inspired burnt hues and rich textures would become a fashion statement. Free-swinging fringes are also a thing if you are a 70s obsessed fashionista.

The Millennial pink

Latest Fashion Trends

This hue came into the picture in Spring 2017 catwalks and have since stipulating a stream of candy-colored items that extend beyond fashion, splashing into our interiors and homewares and have made an easy way into our closets. You can rock the date night, office or casual look with this color.  Millennial pink is always used in latest fashion trends.


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