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Customers who are searching for Jazz internet packages just landed at the right page here. Jazz is the biggest cellular operator with more than 30 million users across the country. Here, we are going to discuss all the latest 3G and 4G jazz internet packages on daily, weekly and monthly basis subscriptions in details for its prepaid and postpaid customer. Let me take you to the list.

Before going to list of Jazz internet packages, We have some details about other Jazz products.

Jazz Internet packages for Prepaid Customers

Jazz 1-day internet packages

Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off Peak)

PriceInternet DataValidityActivation code
Rs. 20100 MB
1100 MB (2 am to 2 pm)
1-day (24 Hours)*117*4#

Let’s start with this wonderful internet package offered by Jazz for a daily subscription. Customers who are just looking for internet bundle at low cost can subscribe to Jazz Daily data bundle.

Internet Hourly Extreme

Rs. 172000 MBNext 2 Hours*846#

Jazz offers another good internet package on Hourly basis. Customers who want to subscribe to internet data offer for a short limit of time can activate this package.

How to check the status of Jazz internet Hourly Extreme Package: *117*24*2#

Jazz Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle

Rs. 5.9810 MB for Whatsapp
1800 SMS
1-dayDial *334#
*334*4# to unsub

For SMS lovers, here is one of the best jazz internet packages at daily subscriptions with a huge amount of WhatsApp data and free text messages.

Jazz Sindh Offer

Rs. 8.99100 MB for Whatsapp
1500 SMS
1-dayDial *522#
Jazz Customers from Sindh can avail this superb Jazz intent package at extremely low cost. All prepaid customer registered their SIMs from Sindh province will be eligible for Jazz Sindh Offer.

Daily Social Package

Rs. 7500 MB for Whatsapp and Facebook
1-dayDial *114*5#
*114*5*4# to unsub

Hey Socials media lovers! if you are using Jazz prepaid SIM then you are going to see one of the best Jazz 4G internet packages. Jazz offers an amazing Social media internet package to its 3G and 4G data users with decent incentives.

Daily Social Recursive

Rs. 5200 MB for Whatsapp and Facebook

Jazz always try to fulfill the needs of its customers and brings new internet packages for its subscribers. Daily Social Recursive offer is one of them.

Jazz Daily Browser Offer

Rs. 1050 MB

Status Check Code:  *117*11*2#

Jazz always continues to offer some better internet packages to its subscribers and Jazz daily browser offer is also an example of jazz amazing internet packages.

Jazz 3-days Internet packages

Jazz 3 days extreme offer

Jazz is famous among mobile users for their will to fulfill customers cellular needs. That’s why we are discussing here one of the best Jazz internet Packages on monthly basis.

[table id=9 /]

Jazz WhatsApp Monthly Bundle

Here is a monthly basis WhatsApp bundle for Jazz users. See the details below.

[table id=10 /]


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