Mistle Thrush – (Turdus Viscivorus)

Bird Facts: Length: 26.5 cm The male and female have like plumage. Voice: A hard ‘tuc-tuc-tuc’ and a thin ‘see-ip’. Song: Resembling that of the blackbird but louder and with pauses between individual phrases. Size of Egg: 25.8—35.8 x 19.6—24.4 mm. The mistle thrush, the herald of spring, arrives at its breeding grounds sometimes as early as the end of February. It is distributed throughout all Europe, except Iceland; its range extends also to northwest Africa, the Middle East and western Asia. Individuals from western and southern Europe remain there the year round, being joined in October and November by … Continue reading Mistle Thrush – (Turdus Viscivorus)