Prize Bond Schedule 2019

Prize Bond Schedule 2019

Prize Bond Schedule 2019 has been announced by State Bank of Pakistan and National Saving. All Prize bond’s draw has been scheduled. Prize Bond draw for every category will be held quarterly. These draws will be held in different cities of Pakistan. State Bank of Pakistan has issued details of draw for Rs. 100 prize bond, 200, 750, 1500, 7500 prize bond, Rs. 15000 prize bond draw list and 25000 draw list.


Prize Bond schedule 2019 can be altered/changed by the department subject to any change governed by Government of Pakistan. Recently, Govt of Pakistan has announced to denominate the Prize bond of Rs. 40,000/- All the holders of prize bonds of 40,000 are directed to submit the bonds in nearest bank, or branch of State Bank of Pakistan or Nation Saving Centre. Last date for 40,000 prize bond return is 31st March 2019.

Prize Bond Schedule 2019

Here is full detail of prize bond schedule 2019 of all categories. In case any public holiday is scheduled on the date of draw than the draw will be held on very next working day.

Prize BondDate of DrawCity of DrawDraw No
Rs. 75015-01-2019Peshawar78
Rs. 2500001-02-2019Muzaffarabad29
Rs. 7500 Rs.01-02-2019Quetta78
Rs. 1500 Rs.15-02-2019Hyderabad78
Rs. 10015-02-2019Faisalabad26
Rs. 20015-03-2019Multan78
Rs. 1500001-04-2019Rawalpindi79
Rs. 75015-04-2019Lahore78
Rs. 2500002-05-2019Karachi29
Rs. 750002-05-2019Hyderabad78
Rs. 150015-05-2019Multan78
Rs. 10015-05-2019Quetta26
Rs. 4000003-06-2019Faisalabad78
Rs. 20017-06-2019Muzaffarabad78
Rs. 1500002-07-2019Faisalabad79
Rs. 75015-07-2019Karachi79
Rs. 750001-08-2019Quetta79
Rs. 2500001-08-2019Rawalpindi30
Rs. 150015-08-2019Peshawar79
100 Rs.15-08-2019Hyderabad27
200 Rs.16-09-2019Lahore79
Rs. 1500001-10-2019Muzaffarabad80
Rs. 75015-10-2019Rawalpindi79
Rs. 2500001-11-2019Multan30
Rs. 750001-11-2019Lahore79
Rs. 10015-11-2019Karachi27
Rs. 150015-11-2019Faisalabad79
Rs. 4000002-12-2019Hyderabad79
Rs. 20016-122019Peshawar79

Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2019

If you want to check the detail of any Prize Bond draw than we are planning to launch prize bond checking feature on this website. Our team is currently working to add the feature as soon as possible. We are hopeful that our team will soon integrate the system on website. Keep in touch with us we will update if any change occurs to Prize bond schedule 2019.

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