PTCL Internet DSL Packages


Ptcl is a landline telecommunication company in Pakistan. Ptcl is providing high speed internet to its customers through its Broadband and DSL Services. These packages enable its users to download at high speed. Here are the complete details of all Ptcl Internet DSL packages. Its all packages are monthly based on postpaid billing procedure.

PTCL is the semi Govt installation which provides internet packages to the cellular users. From 6 Mbps to 100 Mbps there are various packages of PTCL Dsl. You can easily get your package by calling 1218. So details of PTCL Internet packages are as below:-

PTCL Internet DSL Packages

PTCL 6 Mbps Package

With PTCL Upto 6 Mbps package you can get unlimited installation for only Rs. 17,50. You can activate this package by paying Rs. 2499 as installation charges on existing phone and Rs. 5000 on new connection. The detail of this package is as below:-

Internet ChargesRs. 1750.

PTCL 8 Mbps Package

PTCL 8Mbps package gives you download speed upto 8 Mbs per second. You can get unlimited data for only Rs.21,50. You will get free smart tv with this package. The more details of PTCL 8 MBPS Package are as below:-

Internet ChargesRs. 2150

PTCL 15 Mbps Package

With PTCL 15 Mbps package you can enjoy internet downloading at speed of upto 15 Mbs per second. This package’s cost is Rs. 26,50. More details of this package is as below:-

Internet ChargesRs. 2650

PTCL 25 Mbps Package

The price of this package is Rs. 2500. with 25 mbps package you will get unlimited internet with download speed upto 25 mbps.

Internet ChargesRs. 2500

PTCL 50 Mbps Internet Package

This package gives you speed maximum upto 50 mbps at cost of Rs.5000.

Internet ChargesRs. 5000

PTCL 100 Mbps Internet Package

This package give a speed of 100 Mbps. This package is best for big organizations. You can enjoy unlimited downloading.

Speed100 Mbps
Internet ChargesRs. 6000

Thats it from PTCL Internet DSL Packages. We are hopeful that these packages will help you to get your favorite package. for more information please visit PTCL website.

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