Telenor Internet Packages, Daily, Weekly & Monthly Offers

Telenor Pakistan is one of the most popular cellular service providers launched by Norwegian Telenor Group. Telenor is one of the biggest telecom service providers in the world which is providing voice and internet services in more than 17 countries across Europe and Asia. In Pakistan, Telenor launched its voice and data services in 2004. Telenor Internet Packages provides best data services to its users by giving daily, weekly and monthly Internet packages.

Within a year, Telenor Pakistan becomes the largest telecom group in Pakistan due to their quality services and a vast range of area coverage. The customers are strongly satisfied with its service specifically Telenor internet services. In Agust 2016, Telenor Pakistan launched its LTE (4G) services and due to lowest price Telenor internet packages, the customers from other networks are rapidly joining Telenor.

Now Telenor Pakistan with more than 35 million subscribers becomes Pakistan’s biggest cellular company. Here we are providing information about some best and low price Telenor internet packages.

Latest Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor Internet packages are combinations of various offers like free minutes, sms and calls for telenor to telenor and telenor to other networks.

Basically there are various types of Internet packages which are provided by Telenor Pakistan.

  • Hourly Internet Bundles
  • Daily Internet Packages
  • Telenor Weekly Internet Bundles
  • Djuice 15 Days Internet packages.
  • Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

Note:– All packages automatically unsubscribed after the expiry.

Telenor Daily Internet Packages

Telenor Pakistan providing some amazing internet packages on the hourly basis for the customers who want the urgent internet with the low balance. The details of each bundle is elaborated below but first we are happy to share the brief of these Daily Internet packages.

Name of PackageFree MBsOther IncentivesPriceActivation Code
Telenor Social Pack 50 MB - Rs.1.19 *11#
Telenor 4G Daily Lite Bundle 75 MB - Rs. 14.18 *12#
Telenor FreeFacebook 1000 MB - Free -
Telenor Good Time Offer 200 MB 10,000 Free Minutes for 2 Hours Rs.7 *345*20#
Telenor Video Bundle Offer 500 - Rs. 8 *60#
Telenor Raat Din Offer 1.5 GB 12am to 12 pm - Rs. 18 *150#
Telenor Din Bhar Offer 20 MB 1000 on-net minutes Rs.20 *5*727#

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages

The telenor weekly internet package are valid for seven days and all other details are as below:-
Name of PackageFree MBsOther IncentivesPriceActivation Code
Telenor Free 1000 MB 2 GB - Free (on new sim) -
Telenor Weekly Plus Bundle 1500 MB - Rs. 120 *73#
Dhamal Internet Bundle 2 GB - Rs. 85 *812#
4G Weekly Gamebox Offer 8 GB Free Gamebox subscription Rs. 180 *515#
4G Weekly Bundle 750 MB 500 MB Whatsapp Rs. 90 *72#
4G Weekly Unlimited 2500 MB - Rs. 102 *345*144#
Super Dhamal Bundle 5000 MB Rs. 150 *946#
4G Weekly super Offer 2 GB 500MB (WhatApp/Goonj/GameBox) Rs. 120 *288#
Mehran Internet Offer 3 GB - Rs. 120 *620#
4G Weekly Ultra Package 7 GB 1 GB Goonj Rs. 175 *336#
Weekly Internet All In One Plus 5 GB 500 on-net minutes 50 off-net minutes Rs. 190 by retailer
Weekly Internet All in One 2GB 100 Balance for all network Rs. 120 *345*75#

Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

Telenor monthly internet packages also contains free sms minutes and other incentives. Here is full detail of telenor monthly Internet package:-

Name of PackageFree MBsOther IncentivesPriceActivation Code
4G Monthly Lite Offer 2 GB 1 GB Whatsapp / Goonj Rs. 200 *301#
4G Monthly Starter 4GB 4 GB (1AM - 7 AM) Rs. 300 *302#
4G Monthly Bundle 9 GB - Rs. 597 *303#
4G Monthly Ultra 10 GB 10 GB ( 12am - 8am) Rs. 450 *335#
Monthly Facebook & Whatsapp 100 MB 3000 MB Whatsapp + Facebook Rs. 50 *911#
Monthly All in One 5 GB Rs. 150 balance all Network Rs. 419 *345*246#

Telenor 4G 3 Day Bundle

Details of Telenor 3 Day 4G package are mentioned below

RupeesRs. 35
Volume200MB + Free 200MB for Facebook
Validity (Days)3 Days
Subscription String*345*133#

Terms & Conditions

  • Default rate usage without subscribing to bundles will be charged at Rs. 12/MB on 3G and 4G.
  • All of the above packages are meant for subscription for only prepaid users.
  • Bundles can be subscribed again after expiry.
  • Default rate usage without subscribing to bundles will be charged at Rs. 21.5/MB on 2G.
  • Upon the usage of Rs. 60 on default rate, rest of the data usage for the day will be completely free (FUP of 750 MB)

Telenor Postpaid Internet Packages

Telenor Pakistan also has a number of postpaid customers. Besides, there are several good packages for postpaid users but, sometimes Internet become necessary to used extra from the given bundles. For this purpose, telenor postpaid Internet packages are available for all postpaid users.

  • Freedom Internet 1200
  • Telenor Freedom Internet 2000
  • Freedom Internet 500
  • Telenor Fredom Internet 800
  • Fredom Internet 250
  • MeGa data bundle

Telenor Freedom Internet 250

  • Price: Rs. 250/-
  • Volume : 2000 MB
  • Validity :30 day

Freedom Internet 500

  • Price: Rs. 500/-
  • Volume : 5 GB
  • Validity :30 day

Telenor Freedom Internet 800

  • Price: Rs. 800/-
  • Volume : 8 GB
  • Validity :30 day

Freedom Internet 1200

  • Price: Rs. 1200/-
  • Volume : 12 GB
  • Validity :30 day

Telenor Freedom Internet 2000

  • Price: Rs. 2000/-
  • Volume : 25 GB
  • Validity :30 day

Mega Data Bundle

  • Price: Rs. 999/-
  • Volume : 3000 MB
  • Validity :30 day
  • Sub Code: *759#

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