Top 5 best primers for dry skin


Primer is a makeup product.  This is necessary for makeup applications. In the market, there is a wide range of several primers which are available for any kind of skin type and tone.  All primers have not likely the same formula so, some kinds of primers match with your skin. Many primers also can harm your face also. That’s why beware to buy and use a foundation primer. With the use of a good primer (which is suitable for your skin), you may easily have a luminous and radiant face.

Well, ladies with dry skin, have the idea that its very difficult to make their skin shiny and glowy look in makeup. We all know the purpose of makeup is to look gorgeous. The goal of primer helps to you get a fair complexion and pretty looks. For the dry skin face, I feel unattainable. In this article, you may have the help of a right product for your dry skin. Here I am sharing a list of top 5 best primers for dry skin.

Top 5 best primers for dry skin

1. Mary Kay

Mary Kay - Top 5 best primers for dry skin

The Mary Kay is a brand of makeup. This company launched many makeup products. Mary Kay primer is also one of the products of this brand. The foundation is a gell type primer. This is very light in net weight.

The Mary Kay primer is very easy to use because this best primer is avail in a tube which is very easy to apply. With Mary Kay foundation primer your skin imperfection willfully turns into a glowing and fair skin. Your skin tone will be fairer than before. The mary kay foundation primer is an extensive use primer.

With the use of this best foundation primer in the makeup, the dry and rough skin will totally change into a flawless skin. The formula of mary kay foundation primer is totally enriched with minerals which helps to reduce pores, wrinkles, and fine lines.

The celebrities and models prefer mary kay for their extended wear makeup. The mary kay foundation primer is free of fragrance. This primer is non-comedogenic and fully tested by dermatologists (approved). You may have this makeup product online from Amazon.

2. Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier - Top 5 Best primers for dry skin

Laura Mercier foundation primer is the award-winning makeup product. With the use of Laura Mercier foundation primer, the user skin will smoother than before. The face skin surface will show glow and looks flawless.

The Laura Mercier primer is especially recommended for dry skin. The formula of this foundation primer gives a soft- focus look and very helpful to hide the pores, wrinkles and a fine line of the face. Imperfections of dry skin will change into a good looking face.

Laura Mercier foundation primer is the best choice of beauticians in all over the world. The packing of this foundation primer is also available in a tube, which is very easy to apply. The LauraMercierr foundation primer is last longer and provides a fixed touch of makeup on dry skin. User’s face looks fresh for many hours and makeup colors feel so true.

Many traditional primers are full of with silicone smoothers, but LauraMercierr primers include a low concentration of the lightest silicones. This is a water-based primer and available for any skin tone.

In this best primer, antioxidant vitamin complex is also present that helps to protect skin against harmful and aging effects of the environment.this is an ideal makeup product for ladies which have a dry face. This one of the best primers for dry skin is easily available on Amazon.

3. Kat von d

Kat von d - Best dry skin primers

Kat von d is a water-based (hydrating) primer. This is specially made for long wear foundations. The Kat von d locks the poor pores of the dry skin and vanish the dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles of aging.

This is the best primer for daily use makeup. The dry skin user feels very comfortable with this primer. The Kat von d has a feature of milky texture. This is weightless on skin. It is full of nourishing ingredients, having b5, shea, jojoba, aloe vera and vitamin b5.

Kat von d is a smooth skin product with oxygen boosters to make long lasts foundations glide. Dry skin user can get the best finish of makeup touch. This is also odor free and colorless primer. The Kat von d is an ideal product for dry skin and sensitive beauties.

In the market, there is also another foundation base of kat von d’s is avail, which is suitable and perfect match of this primer. Use both and get an extraordinary look with comfort and unstoppable skin for the whole day. You can buy this Best primer at Amazon.

4. Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs - Top 5 best primers for dry skin

This is another beauty product for dry skinners. As we all know that primers are undercover makeup products. The MARC JACOBS is a good undercover makeup foundation. This gives a perfect look to the user. In this primer, the company used coconut in the formula because coconut is the best for dry skins always. In the MARC JACOBS, not only one type but 5 types of coconuts extracts are used. Here I want to declare that, it provides good hydrating feels to the face.

It makes very smoother touch on your face skin just before the base. If you have never tried this primer then, don’t waste more time to get this primer and use. Get this best primer from Amazon.


JOUER - Top 5 best primers for dry skin

The primer JOUER is specialized for anti-egging signs. JOUER is full of moisture which makes a dry face hydrating. This is a cream type primer, it will nourish dry cells into fresh. The formula of JOUER having Antioxidants and natural extracts to make a fabulous and shiny skin. The regular use of JOUER will make user face hydrate and smoother than before. Now exclusively available at Amazon.


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