As we all know that after the emergence of Warid and Jazz, now Jazz and Warid has its combine packages. Jazz was providing best services since 2003 to its customers and now the services are more accurate and effective after the emergence of both networks. Warid SMS Packages are also merged with Jazz and you can activate these packages on both sim.

Warid SMS Packages

Jazz and Warid have made Pakistan Mobile Communication Limited (PMCL) and both companies are trying their level best to beat other opponents in telecom market. Warid SMS Packages were better but now they have best packages Warid / Jazz Call packages are made to complete your requirements. Now we won’t take your time and its time to move toward our Warid SMS packages page.

Warid Daily SMS Package

Warid is providing cost-effective sms packages for daily use. If you do not require a large number of free sms and require low cost and one day sms packages than Warid has a solution for you. Some people love to use call packages instead of sms than Jazz / Warid bring a best solution for them in form of warid daily sms packages. These packages include free calls for Warid to Jazz and Warid to other networks and free Internet as well. You can find your favorite sms package below:-

Package Price SMS other offers DURATION ACTIVATION CODE
Warid Daily SMS + WhatsApp Package Rs 7 (Inlc Tax) 1800 SMS 10 MBs Whatsapp data 1 day
  • Activation *334#
  • Deactivation *334*4#
Warid Apna Shehar Package Rs 11.94 1500 SMS Unlimited On-net minutes, 100MB (4G) Same day Midnight
  • Activation *229#
  • Deactivation *229*4#
Jazz / Warid Daily Hybrid Karachi Package Rs 14.34 250 SMS 250MB Internet Same day Midnight
  • Activation*400#
  • Automatically expires at the same day midnight
Super F&F Package Rs 10 per day Unlimited SMS Unlimited On-net minutes Same day Midnight Dial *141#

Warid Weekly SMS Packages

Warid has some distinct Weekly sms packages for low costs. You can use these packages for a week with various types of other incentives likes free whatsapp, free minutes and Internet MBs. If you are fed up of subscribing daily sms packages than this is a great chance for you to get rid of daily activation process.. Warid Weekly sms packages enables you to enjoy these sms depending on your requirements and usage. Here are great packages for weekly use with different other free incentives.

Weekly Bundle-Recursive Off Rs 17 + tax 1500 SMS to all networks 25MBs (Only for WhatsApp) 7 days
  • Dial *101*1*07#
  • Dial *101*4*07# to De-activate
  • Dial *101*2*07# for Status
  • Dial *101*3*07# for Info
Weekly All Network Package Rs 155 1000 SMS to all networks 1000 On-net minutes, 50 Off-net minutes, 300MB 7 Days
  • Activate *700#
  • Deactivate *700*4#
Mega Super Duper Weekly Offer Rs 299 5000 SMS to all networks 5000 On-net minutes, 5000 MB, 50 Off-net minutes 7 Days
  • Activation *505#
Haftawar All Rounder Package Rs 155 1000 SMS to all networks 1000 On-net minutes, 50 Off-net minutes, 250MB 7 Days
  • Activation *747#
Jazz/Warid Weekly Bundle Rs 15 + tax 1500 SMS to all networks 25 MBs (Only for WhatsApp) 7 days
  • Dial *101*1*07#
  • Dial *101*4*07# to De-activate,
  • Dial *101*2*07# for Status,
  • Dial *101*3*07# for Info
Warid/Jazz Haftawar Offer Rs 85 1000 SMS to all networks 1000 On-net minutes, 100MBs 7 Days
  • Activate*407#
  • Deactivate *407*4#

You can also check:-

Warid Monthly SMS Packages

Warid Monthly sms packages comes up with various free incentives alongwith sms packages for whole month. If you love to chat with your friends for whole month than we recommend these packages. Warid sms packages give you chance to get rid of daily and weekly activation.

These packages are combination of free Internet, Minutes and Whatsapp data so that it make easier for you to choose a single package for all voice, sms and Internet solutions. You can find your required package from below given table:-.

Jazz Unlimited Monthly SMS Package Rs 70 12000 SMS to all networks 5000 MB for WhatsApp only 1 Month
  • Dial *101*1*02#
  • Dial *101*4*02# for De-activation
  • Dial *101*3*02# for Info
  • Dial *101*2*02# for Status
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle Rs 390 10,000 SMS
  • 3000 On-net minutes (Daily limit 333 minutes)
  • 3 GB Date
30 Days
  • Activation  *430#
  • Deactivation *430*4#
Jazz Super Duper Monthly Package Rs 600 2000 SMS to all networks
  • 2000 On-net minutes
  • 100 Off-net minutes
  • 3 GB data
1 Month
  • Activation *706#
  • Deactivation *706*4#
Jazz Monthly All Rounder Package Rs 499 1500 SMS to all networks
  • 200 All Networks minutes
  • 5GB data
1 Month
  • Activation *2000#
Jazz Warid Super Duper Card Rs 600 2000 SMS to all networks 2000 on-net minutes, 150 off-net minutes, 2000MB 1 Month
  • Dial *601#
Jazz / Warid Monthly Super Duper Plus Rs 765 4000 SMS to all networks
  • 4000 On-net minutes
  • 200 Off-net minutes
  • 8 GB Data
1 Month
  • To subscribe *707#
  • To unsubscribe Dial *707*4#
  • To check Status Dial *707*2#

That’s it from our Warid SMS Packages detail. We are hopeful that this article will be helpful to you. You can recommend these packages to your friends. We will come back with some other great offers. Stay tuned for more details.