Why Should We Not Buy Fake Mobile Phone Chargers? 

Do you know that most of the mobile phone chargers available in the market are of poor quality? And all these fake devices can be dangerous for your mobile, for you and for the environment. Detail about Fake Mobile Phone Chargers is as below

Smartphones have become a necessity in the present world. Previously, it was only a luxury and people used to buy it only due to social reasons, but now, having a stylish smartphone becomes absolutely essential.

With the increased demand of smartphones in the market, the demand for mobile phone accessories has also been increased. And out of all, mobile phone charger is the most essential one for the users, and therefore, they keep it with them all the time. As the use of the charger is quite high, the chances of failures also increase. Due to it, the genuine chargers remain short and to overcome this deficiency, the manufacturers jump into the market to fulfill the gap.

Fake Mobile Phone Chargers

It is quite a difficult task to develop fake mobile accessories and devices because there are numerous complexities which can be faced during the manufacturing. But, the fake chargers can be developed and therefore, we can claim that all kinds of mobile chargers are available in the market. You can find these mobile phone accessories not only in the local market but also on the internet as well.

According to a survey, “the mobile phone users hardly bother about the quality of a mobile charger and they cannot even differentiate between the real one or duplicate (fake)”. They find fake chargers cheaper than the original ones and they are happy with it. Although the cost will increase a lot with duplicate chargers and sometimes, you have to bear the great loss in form of total destruction of your mobile, but still, people buy these fake products because they are not aware of the disadvantages of these fake accessories.

Mostly, counterfeit chargers are available online where people cannot check the quality of the things, they are buying. The fact is that the manufacturers make these products with poor material and components. Therefore, you may face injury, fire and electric shock with these chargers. The reality is that the markets are full of these dangerous goods and people are buying it without thinking much about the results.

As described earlier, the presence of fake chargers has been increased a lot and you can buy cheaply manufactured chargers easily, whether you need it for your electronic cigarette, your children’s toys or as your mobile phone charger. These chargers are actually putting lives of us and our children at stake.

According to the experts, the dangerous and unregulated production of fake chargers has become the biggest risk for the user. It is a fact that genuine chargers are more expensive, but nothing is better than the safety. Genuine manufacturers give it the preference.

Fake mobile phone chargers are not the real ones

We can prove it by giving you the example of Apple iPhone chargers. It has been investigated that there are around 60 components in the real iPhone charger while in the fake chargers; there will be less than half components. It means that manufacturers do not add even the basic components in these cheap and fake mobile phone chargers.

Explosive potential

We have numerous examples around that the fake chargers are the main cause of fires in the houses and face burning while using mobile phones during charging. Although we have not seen these types of incidents on regular basis, there is some truth behind it. The investigation teams in the different countries have been working to collect data about these incidents for many years. They say that these incidents are real because at some point, cheap and fake mobile phone charger can ruin your device, start generating smoke or cause the electric current in the smartphone. There is also a chance of explosion with these kinds of chargers.

The experts strongly agree that we must buy original chargers from genuine dealers. They also recommend that if you find the sellers of counterfeit chargers, you must try to take the following steps:

  • If the mobile phone charger is faulty or not described properly, you can exercise your right to get a full refund or replace it with the genuine charger.
  • If you think that you have bought a dangerous good, you must not use it until or unless it is confirmed that the product is safe.

What should a customer do?

There are three steps that must be followed by all the buyers. Let’s explore!

  • Plug Pins – Place the charger in the plug. If it is not fit in the plug, it means that the pins have different size and therefore, the charger will not connect to the electricity properly. If it does not happen, the charger is dangerous and must not be used.
  • Markings – Please read the markings given on the product. There must be a logo, company name and batch number on it. You need to compare CE mark, output voltage and current described on the charger with the phone for which it is going to be used. You must not rely only on CE mark and consider all other values as well.
  • Warnings and instructions – The genuine manufacturers provide all adequate warnings and instructions on the charger and if you find no instruction there, you must consider the product fake and consider only those products on which this information is provided.

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