Willow Warbler – (Phylloscopus prochilus)

Bird Facts: Length: 11 cm. The male and female have like plumage. Voice: A bright ‘hooeet’. Song: Resembling that of the chaffinch but a softer and more rippling ‘sooeet-sooeetoo’. Size of Egg: 13.2—18.8 x 10.9—13.8 mm. The loud rippling song of the willow warbler can be heard in April when it returns from its winter quarters in tropical and southern Africa, in thick deciduous or mixed woods with thick undergrowth, less often in coniferous forests. It is a small bird and is distributed throughout Europe, except the southern parts and the Balkans, though in the east its range extends as far … Continue reading Willow Warbler – (Phylloscopus prochilus)