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The reason why your at this page is because you are looking for some affordable Zong call packages. Zong makes its room in Pakistan Cellular Network market very quickly due to its best services. Zong is the first 4th generation network provider in Pakistan. Now it has a reasonable market share with more than 10 million users. Zong is mostly liked due to its neat and clean service and very low price call, SMS and 4G/3G internet packages. Here we are providing you the complete information about Zong Call Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly, price, add-ons, how to subscribe and unsubscribe.


Daily Zong Call Packages

If you are Zong customer and looking for Zong call packages for a 1-day subscription. Don’t worry you are in the right place. Here we have some cool daily Zong call package. These packages are offered by Zong at the very low price as compared to other cellular service providers. below is the complete information about daily Zong call packages.

Zong Student Package

If you are a student with low pocket money looking for some best Zong call packages here is good news, Zong offers an amazing daily call package for its young student users.
PriceRs. 5 + Tax
MinutesUnlimited (On-Net)
Internet30 MB
Valid for1 Day ( Next 2 hours after subscription. Not Valid from 6 pm to 10 pm.) 
Sub. code*5555# (Not renewed automatically)

Terms & Conditions

  • The validity for this bundle is 160 minutes.
  • This bundle is not recursive. You have to renew it.
  • Rs. 0.15 will be charged as call setup charges.
  • Income tax and sales tax is applicable on every call package

Zong Full Gup Package

The best Package at very low cost as compared to other Zong Call packages. Check out the complete details about this amazing Zong call offer.
Charges:Rs. 5 + Tax
Minutes:75 (On-Net)
SMS100 (All Network)
Data30 MB for Whatsapp
Validity:1 Day(Auto-Renew if the balance is sufficient)
Un-subSend unsub to 1811

Zong Hello Package

Zong brings Hello package for those who need daily sms and minutes for all  network calling. Only PKR 8 will be charged for each day and package will be automatically renewed after first time subscription. For subscription dial *2200*1#

PriceRs. 12 + Tax
Minute150 (On-Net)
Messages100 (All Network)
Internet50MB data
Validity:1 Day (expires at midnight)(Auto-Renew if the balance is sufficient)
Un-subSend unsub to 4952

Zong Flutter Daily Package

Zong flutter daily package gives you 120 Zong to Zong minutes and 120 sms for all networks and 50 MB data for only PKR 12. The detail is below:-

ChargesRs. 12 + Tax
Minutes120 (On-Net)
SMS120 (All Network)
Validity1 Day (expires at midnight)
subscribe*369# (Auto-Renew if the balance is sufficient)
Un-subscribedWrite unsub to 369

Zong Sixer Package

Zong sixer package is valid for 1 day at PKR 8 + tax. Sixer package will give you unlimited zong to zong minutes and 500 sms anD 1 MB data  from 6 am to 6 pm daily.

Charges:Rs. 8 + Tax
Minutes:Unlimited (On-Net)
SMS500 (All Network)
Validity:1 Day (6 PM to 6 AM)
subscription*666# (Auto-Renew if the balance is sufficient)
UnsubSend “unsub” to 6611

Zong Shandar Daily Package

Zong shandaar package give you unlimited zong to zong minutes and 800 sms for PKR 12 only.

PriceRs. 12 + Tax
Minutes:unlimited (On-Net)
SMS500 (All Network)
Internet50 MB
Validity1 Day (24 hours)

Zong Unlimited Offer Daily

Zong gives you unlimited calls to zong network for Rs. 12 + tax

Charges:Rs. 12 + Tax
Minutes:unlimited (On-Net)
Validity:24 hours
subscribe*522# (Auto-Renew)

Zong Perfect Package

Zong Perfect Call Packages are the daily basis and user can subscribe to their desired call package from the list.

Charges:Rs. 12 + Tax
Minutes:unlimited (On-Net)
SMS500 (All Network)
Internet40 MB
Validity:1 Day (7 PM to 10 PM)
subscribe*188*2# (Auto-Renew)
Un-subwrite “unsub” to 7171

Zong Call packages for 7 Days (Weekly)

These Zong call packages marked as the high subscription packages. Almost 70% of customers like 7 days or weekly call packages. Zong provides the best quality low priced and add-ons rich weekly call packages for its customers.  Check out the details below.

Zong New Sim Offer

Charges:Rs. 50 + Tax
Minutes:50 (All-Net)
Data500 MB
Valid forWeek

The above mentioned Zong call package will be available on activation of new Zong Sim or at joining Zong network via MNP. Enjoy one of the amazing Zong call packages upon getting a new SIM.

Shaandar Haftawaar Offer

This is our recommended Call Package for the Zong Customers. Go and subscribe to this amazing Zong offer and get yourself tension free for the whole week.
Charges:Rs. 120 + tax 
Minutes:500 (On-Net), 40 (Off-net)
SMS500 (All Network)
Internet500 MB
Valid till7 Days 
subscription*7# (Not Auto-Renew)

Haftawar Load Offer

PriceRs. 243 
Minutes:2500 (On-Net), 80 (Off-net)
SMS2500 (All Network)
Internet2500 MB
Validity:7 Days  (Auto-Renew)
subscribe*6464# and select 1 to choose bundel
Un-sub*6464# and select 3 to unsub.

All-in-1 Weekly bundle

RechargeRs. 200
Minutes:1000 (On-Net), 40 (Off-net)
SMS1000 (All Network)
Internet1000 MB
Validity:7 Days  (Auto-Renew)
subscribe*6464# > 4 > 1 > 2
Un-sub*6464# and select 3 to unsub.

Weekly Unlimited Offer

CostRs. 63 + Tax
Valid7 Days  (Auto-Renew)
subscribe*6464# and select 1 to choose bundle
Unsub*6464# and select 3 to unsub.

Hello 7 Day Bundle

Another weekly bundle for zong to zong call. You will get 100 on-net minutes for 7 days in Rs. 45 per week

CostRs. 120 + Tax
Minutes:80 on-net, 
Valid15 Days  (Auto-Renew)
subscribecall 310

Monthly Zong Call Packages

Zong also offers some call packages for the monthly subscription. These call packages have 30 days validity. Zong provides these packages at a very reasonable price with collectively high add-ons. If you are a Zong Customer and your call, SMS and internet usage is a little bit high then you must subscribe to one of these call packages offered by Zong. Below is the complete details about monthly Zong call packages.

Supreme Offer

Charges:Rs. 1000 (RECHARGE)
Minutes:5000 (On-Net), 300 (Off-net)
SMS3000 (All Network)
Internet50 GB + 4 GB Whatsapp
Validity:30 Days  (Auto-Renew)
Un-subwrite “unsub 750” to 6464

Monthly Unlimited Offer

Charges:Rs. 255 + tax
Minutes:unlimited (on-net)
Validity:30 Days  (Auto-Renew)
subscribesend PK30 to 522
Un-subscriptionsend “unsub” to 522

Shandaar Mahana Offer

PriceRs. 300 + Tax
Minute1000 (on-net), 100(off-net)
Internet1000 MB
Valid30 Day(Auto-Renew)
Un-subwrite “unsub Mahana” to 7091

All-in-1 Monthly 500

PriceRs. 500 
Minutes1500 (on-net), 150(off-net)
Data1.5 GB
Validity:30 Days  (Auto-Renew)
subscriptionDial *6464# and press 2 to choose package
UnsubDial *6464# and press 4 to unsub
Hello Monthly Bundle
PriceRs. 170 +tax 
Minutes100 on-net minutes daily
SMS100 sms dialy
Data1 MB daily
Validity:30 Days 
subscriptionDial *6464# and press 2 to choose package
UnsubDial *6464# and press 4 to unsub

All-in-1 Monthly 599

RechargeRs. 650
On-net minutes2500
off-net minutes150
Internet2500 MB
Valid till30 days

Voice 900 m Bundle

One of the best Zong Call Package is Zong 900  minute package which gives you best call, Messages and Data volume.

Recharge Rs. 1200
Minutes900 all nerwork
Valid for30 days

Monthly Supreme Plus Offer

Charges:Rs. 1732  recharge
Minutes:10,000 on-net, 600 off-net
Internet10,000 MB + 4 GB Whatsapp
Validity:30 Days 

Monthly Power Pack 1000

Minute2000 (on-net), 150(off-net)
Volume5000 MB
Valid forMonth

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Zong Call Packages Prepaid Sim (Power Pack)

One Unique offer from Zong is the power pack call packages. With the different range of price and add-ons, These call packages are considered as a gift from Zong to its customers. See below the details about Zong power pack call packages.

Monthly Power Pack 500

Free Mins.1000 (on-net), 50(off-net)
Data2500 MB
Valid30 days

Monthly Power Pack 1000

Minute2000 (on-net), 150(off-net)
Volume5000 MB
Valid forMonth

3 Months Power Pack 1500

Minute8000 (on-net), 200(off-net)
Data8000 MB
Valid90 days

To subscribe all power packages please Dial *1313#

Terms and Conditions:  

  • Call Setup charges:  Rs 0.15 inc. tax on every call

The above information we have sorted for you with care is all about Zong call packages. In case we missed or wrongly quoted some information, Please point out in the comments section below. We, with very respectfully, correct that information. If you think this information about Zong call packages is useful then please share it with your friends.

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