Here we are going to discuss Zong Internet Packages Daily, weekly and Monthly. Zong from China Mobile Pakistan is the best and most liked cellular operator in Pakistan. For its best quality services, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) awarded “The No. 1 Cellular Operator in Pakistan” to Zong.

Today as we know, we are living in an era of information technology where anyone can share their thoughts with everyone via different social media networks and can access the information he needed from all over the world through internet but he needs a cellphone or computer and internet services. Zong Provides best and affordable internet packages to its customers. Below are the Complete details about Zong Internet Packages on Daily, Weekly and  Monthly basis. 

Zong Internet Packages

ZONG Daily Internet Packages

If you are a Zong customer and looking for affordable internet packages on daily basis then the below details will hopefully help you. We are providing complete information about all Zong internet packages on a daily basis subscription.

Package Price Volume Code
Daily Basic Rs.15 +tax 100MB, Mid-Night (same day) *6464#
Daily Data Max Rs.35+tax 500MB (1 Day) *6464#
Daytime offer Rs.16 +tax 1200MB, 4 am to 7 pm DTO to 6464
Unsub to 6464
Good night offer Rs.14.5 + tax 2.5GB, 1 am to 9 am GNO to 6464
Unsub to 6464
All-in-1 daily Rs.20 40MB, 40 on-net minutes, 400 SMS, (24 hours) *6464#

To activate daily Zong internet packages Dail *6464# and choose your desired daily internet package.  Dail *102# to check remaining data volume.

ZONG Weekly Internet Packages

Zong always focuses to offer quality services to its customers at a very low price and the Weekly Zong internet Packages are an example of Zong’s loyalty to its users.

Package Price Volume Code
Weekly Premium Rs.70 700MB *6464#
Super Weekly Offer Rs.120 2500MB *6464#
Super Weekly Plus Rs.160 5GB *20#
Super Weekly Max Rs.200 10GB, (5GB available from 4 am to 4 pm) *220#
Haftawar Load Offer Rs.250 1500MB, 1500 on-net minutes, 100 off-net minutes, 1500 SMS *6464#
All-in-1 Weekly Rs.150 500MB, 500 on-net minutes,40 off-net, 500 SMS *6464#

To activate Weekly Zong internet packages Dail *6464# and choose your desired Weekly internet package.  Dail *102# to check remaining data volume.

Monthly Internet Packages

Zong Customers who are using internet for uploading and downloading data or want the subscription to Zong internet packages on a monthly basis are requested to look at the below details. Zong offers tremendous monthly internet buckets to its valuable customers at competitive rates.

Package Price Volume
Monthly Mini 150 Rs.50 150MB
Monthly Basic 500 Rs.150 500MB
Monthly Premium 2GB Rs.300 2GB
Monthly Premium 6GB Rs.600 6GB, ( Free 1GB from 1 am to 9 am daily)
Monthly Premium 12GB Rs.717 12GB
All-in-1 Monthly Rs.1500 1500MB, 1500 on-net minutes,150 off-net, 1500 SMS

To activate Monthly Zong internet packages Dail *6464# and choose your desired Monthly Zong internet package.  Dail *102# and press 4 to check remaining data volume. All internet packages will be valid for 30 days.

Zong Social Media Internet Packages for Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter

Zong Social media internet packages are for those customers who want to remain active on social media to get them updated from latest social activities. These internet packages are quite nominal and able to fulfill the needs of Zong customers.

Package Price Volume
Social Pack (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter) Rs.10 100 MB (1 Day)
Classified Pack (Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, PakWheels and Carmudi) Rs.5 50 MB (1 Day)
Facebook Daily Rs.5 50 MB (1 Day)
WhatsApp Daily Rs.15 300 MB, ( 1 Day)
Twitter Daily Rs.2 20MB (1 Day)
UC Browser Bundle Rs.5 20MB, (Extra 20 MB on first-time subscription)

To activate Social Media Zong internet packages Dail *6464# and choose your desired Social Media Zong internet package.  Dail *102# to check remaining data volume.

Data Share Internet Packages

These are the Zong internet package where only one person will buy the data plan from Zong with an option to add 10 members to use this data.

Package Price Volume
Monthly 5 GB Rs.500 5 GB (30 Days)
Monthly 10 GB Rs.900 10 GB (30 Day)

To Activate these internet packages follow the steps below

  1. Dail *6464*5#
  2. Create Group
  3. Choose Desired Data Plan
  4. Add Friends and Family Members with Zong Network
  5. To check remaining data dial *6464*5# choose 4 and then choose 1.

Zong Postpaid Internet Packages

In Pakistan Zong is also offering best Internet Packages for Postpaid users. Zong has an eye on its postpaid customers to provide them the Internet packages as per their need. As the postpaid customers follow the billing cycle of 30 days, hence they can only avail 30 days bundle. The validity of these packages is till ending of their billing cycle. So only 30 days packages are available for postpaid users. The detail thereto  is as below:

Package Price Volume Activation
Monthly Mini-150 MB Rs. 50 150 Mbs *567#
Monthly Basic-500 MB Rs. 150 500 Mb
Monthly premium-1 GB Rs. 250 1 GB
Monthly premium-2 GB Rs. 350 2 GB
Monthly premium-4 GB Rs. 500 4 GB
Monthly premium-10 GB Rs. 1800 10 GB
Monthly premium Plus -20 GB Rs. 3500 20 GB

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