Zong Postpaid Packages

Zong, the first 4G network provider in Pakistan, is one of the top cellular services providers in Pakistan. Zong introduced the best and affordable postpaid package plans to its customers. Through Postpaid users are charged on monthly basis and pay their service charges via a bill. Zong customers can also enjoy these stunning packages offered by Zong. Here are complete details about Zong Postpaid Packages.

Zong introduced its Postpaid packages with the name of Z-series. Below is the information about all Z postpaid Package plans.  You can choose one of your desired plan listed below.

Zong Postpaid Packages:

Z500 Postpaid Package

Z500 postpaid package is cheapest package for postpaid users. You can get number of free incentives for only Rs. 500 per month. This is one of the cheapest Zong postpaid packages. Customers can subscribe to this package if they want an economical solution for their monthly needs. Find the details below:-

Z500 PackageFreebies
FREE Minutes (On-net) 1,500
Off-net Minutes 250
Free SMS 1000
Free Internet 2,000 MB
Line Rent Rs. 500 (incl tax)
Minimum Security Deposit Rs. 1,000

Z900 Postpaid Package

Zong brings free unlimited calls for its postpaid users in only Rs.900 (inlc taxes). Alongwith this you can enjoy 4GB Internet and 500 free Zong to other networks calls. A best ever package from Zong with the medium range. I recommend it as a nice package among all Zong postpaid Packages. You can enjoy 2000 sms as well. The full detail of Z900 postpaid package is below:-

Z900 PackageFreebies
FREE Minutes (On-net) Unlimited
Off-net Minutes 500
Free SMS 2,000
Free Internet 4,000 MB
Line Rent Rs. 500 (incl tax)
Minimum Security Deposit Rs. 2,000

Z1500 Postpaid Package

Zong has an exclusive package for postpaid users in only 1500 PKR. Z1500 postpaid package contains 4,000 free sms unlimited Zong to Zong minutes and 8 GB Internet. The full detail is as below

Z1500 PackageFreebies
FREE Minutes (On-net) Unlimited
Off-net Minutes 800
Free SMS 8,000
Free Internet 8 GB
Line Rent Rs. 1500 (incl tax)
Minimum Security Deposit Rs. 3,000

Z3000 Postpaid Package

If you are a phone addict and use phone for all kind of communication than Zong has a best package for you. Z3000 postpaid package gives to 25 GB Internet, 5,000 sms and unlimited calls to Zong. This is corporate use package for the customers who have a huge usage of mobile phone. One of the good Zong Postpaid Packages. Here is full detail:-

Z3000 PackageFreebies
FREE Minutes (On-net) Unlimited
Off-net Minutes 1,200
Free SMS 5,000
Free Internet 25 GB
Line Rent Rs. 3000 (incl tax)
Minimum Security Deposit Rs. 5,000

If you want to activate Zong postpaid packages you can call at 310 from Zong sim or visit nearest Zong Customer Care Center. The remaining package plan free minutes will not be added to your next month’s free minutes. Same applies to SMS and Internet data offers in your package. All terms and conditions apply from Zong as per Government of Pakistan’s Law.

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