If you are worried about getting a different kind of information from your Zong sim. You need some special codes provided by Zong to get your desired information for example if you want to call Zong service center you need to know a special code to dial. So here are some Zong Sim codes to check your basic necessary information about your Zong sim or your package plan etc. Zong Sim Codes  Check zong remaining Minutes SMS MBs Balance.

Note: All codes must be performed from an active Zong sim to get information.

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Here are some basic codes to check information about your Zong SIM or package plan. You can check Zong remaining minutes, Zong Remianing Sms, Zong remaining Internet Mbs and other details.

Codes for Zong SMS Packages

Package Name Activation Code DeActivation Code
Zulu SMS Package *704# send Unsub to 704
Whatsapp Bundle *700# and enter 1 Auto-expire
Weekly SMS Package *702# unsub to 702
15 Days SMS pkg sub to 701 unsub to 701
Monthly SMS pkg *705# unsub to 705
Full Gup *118*1# unsub to 1181
Perfect pkg *118*2# unsub to 7171
Flutter *369# unsub to 369
Hello *2200*1# unsub to 4952
Sixer Plus *666# unsub to 666111
Check remaining SMS of your pkg send “LIMIT”  to 999 or dial *102*2#

To check the details of all Zong SMS packages please click here.

Codes for Zong Call Packages (Zong Remaining Minutes)

Package Name Activation code Deactivation code
Student Package *3000# Auto-expire
Shandar Daily Package *999#  Auto-expire
Non-stop Pkg *777# unsub to 7141
New SIM Offer *50# One Time Offer
Shandar Hafta Offer *7# Auto-expire
All-in-1 Weekly bundle *6464# and press 1 *6464# and press 3
Supreme Offer *3030# send “unsub 750” to 6464
Monthly Unlimited Offer Send “PK30” to 522  unsub to 522
Shandar Mahana Offer *100#  send “unsub Mahana” to 7091
All-in-1 Monthly *6464# and press 2 *6464# and press 4
Monthly 599 home1 to 6565  Auto-expire
Monthly 799 home2 to 6565  Auto-expire
Power Packs *1313#  Auto-expire
Check Remaining Free Minutes  dial *102*3#

To check the details of all Zong Call Packages please click here.

Codes for Zong Internet Packages

Package Name Activation Code Deactivation Code
Daily Basic, Data-Max, Weekly Premium, Super Weekly,  All-in-1 Daily, All-in-1 weekly and All Monthly SMS packages and Scoial Media packages Dial *6464# *6464# and choose a package to unsub
Day Time Offer DTO to 6464 Auto-expire
Good Night Offer GNO to 6464 Auto-expire
Super Weekly Plus *20# Auto-expire
Super Weekly Max *220# Auto-expire
To Check remaining Internet MBs of your package *102#

To check details of all Zong Internet Packages please click here.

Other useful Zong Sim Codes

Want To Call Zong service center dial 170
To Register a Zong free sim dial 8723
Want To Get Zong PUK code send a free SMS  <puk> to 380
To call Zong helpline dial  1236
Want To check Zong balance dial *222#
To get the advance balance Send a Rescue SMS to 911 or dial *911#
Want To check free minutes of your package plan dial *102*3#
To get Message delivery report Send “SUB” to 533
Want To block a number Send “BL” space “Phone number which you want to block” to 800
To access Zong free menu *271# , *310# , *230# , *102# ,*150# , *145#
Activate Free Facebook on Zong sim *6464*4#
To send a free SMS to Call me back dial *100# or *310#
If you want to know about your dial tune send “HELP” to 235
To activate Missed call alert for Zong SIM dial **66*9230622#and for Deactivation ##66#
If you want to check your package plan remaining SMS send “LIMIT”  to 999 or dial *102*2#
To activate Zong dial tune send “song name”  to 990
 If you want to share balance from your Zong Sim  send  <Zong number>.<amout> send to 999
 To check remaining internet data volume  dial *102*4#
 To check Zong sim number  Dial *100# and select free message from the menu and send the message to your other number

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